A great line in an episode of Mad Men last night…
A copywriter quits to pursue another career, another says that she’s lucky to be able to follow her dreams, and follows with let’s face it we’re working for… Heinz Baked Beans.
I laughed out loud. I didn’t LOL; I really actually laughed out loud.

I’ve had many concerns over the course of my career about how unimportant a career in writing is, when compared to other, more important careers. For instance, my wife is a nurse; I know a few cops; I know a firefighter; I know a doctor; I know a paramedic; my father was a soldier; my mother a teacher.

Me, I’m a copywriter. How boring and unimportant.
It has often depressed me.
I can’t go to boot camp at age 50.
What have I done with my life?

Well, I got over it; I keep getting over it. Copywriting is actually an interesting and rewarding career, and it keeps you on the edge. Just when you think you’re an expert on one client’s business, you’re off to the next client in a completely different area of business.

A marketing copywriter always has to learn- you’re never finished learning. And you’re in demand.

More than that, it is an important job- very much so, as long as there are products and services that need promoting and selling.

Okay, not quite as important as a firefighter or a nurse…