Your Marketing Plan

marketing planYou might want to consider preparing a real marketing plan for the next six months, a year and two years. This is more of a commitment, but if you want more than just getting started, you need to think about planning marketing activities beyond just a few pieces of collateral and a couple of activities. This goes beyond “Marketing in the Sweet Spot” and requires a more substantial commitment in time and money (mostly money).

Your plan will include, among other things:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer analysis (target id)
  • Market segment analysis
  • Positioning
  • A well considered amount of outbound marketing (email campaigns, advertising, etc.)
  • A well planned amount of inbound marketing (an effective website design, social media, etc.)
  • Budget and┬áspending
  • Marketing calendar / roadmap

For this activity, I will bring in a marketing consulting associate.