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Ottawa, Ontario

About K3A

A Content Marketing consultancy, Lead Generation, Social Media, Web Marketing & SEO Agency, providing Services and Training in Ottawa & Kanata, Canada to Technical Companies and other Businesses from Startups to Small and Medium sized Businesses to Government Agencies.

Effective Online Marketing

K3A Content Marketing offers small and medium sized companies an opportunity to compete with larger competitors with larger marketing budgets by helping them to market efficiently. That means using white papers and case studies as the key elements for content marketing and lead generation programs that will increases sales quickly. Most clients in Ottawa Canada, with clients in the US and Europe as well.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing programs include inbound programs like social media, SEO, referral links, and outbound programs like advertising, paid search, email lists. Your assets- white papers, case studies and brochures- drive much of this activity.

To explore how I can you help you achieve your technology marketing content objectives, contact me today.

Keith Allingham
Ottawa, Canada

K3A Content Marketing — Keith Allingham — Ottawa, Ontario
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