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Your Marketing Message

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Your message is part of your Content Marketing Roadmap to Success.

Your message is the starting point, and you need to spend time on it. What makes your product or service better than the next one? Your message shouldn’t be technical- it needs to translate into a business advantage, or better still, an enormous savings in money. Saving money on capital expenses, or operational expenses is a good place to start. ROI is important, but you can’t start there…

Your product/service

Quality is also important, but just saying that you have the smartest engineers or accountants doesn’t come across as well as you might think it would. Again, you have to point to a business advantage of some sort.

Mission statement

You might actually start with a mission statement– what is your elevator speech? What does your company do in a 30-second conversation? But remember, you’re not done there.

Value proposition

Next, you can think about what your value proposition is–this is a lot more than a mission statement. This needs some more detail, and in most cases, you need to talk about money to some degree.

Business case

Finally, you need a business case. This might have to wait until you have some collateral; you might be borrowing from one of your white papers or case studies. Graphs, images, and tables are needed. And you must be prepared to talk about money–not what your product or service costs, but rather how your product or service saves money, or helps to make money.

Much of the content of your website will stem from this initial effort.


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